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Chanting the mahamrityunjaya mantra for healing
6:00 PM18:00

Chanting the mahamrityunjaya mantra for healing

Join together for this pop up mantra chanting and meditation class at Gwills Yoga in Newquay.

Chanting this mantra with sincerity and faith creates a protective shield around you thereby guarding you against all directions. This mantra removes the fears and assists with overcoming difficulties, obstacles, challenges and accidents. Chanting in a group will increase the resonance and the healing tones can permeate your being with healing vibrations.

Listen to the beautiful story behind the mantra, then learn the lyrics along with the sanskrit translation. We will chant the mantra together 108 times to raise healing vibrations for ourselves, someone in need, our local community and then all beings. 108 is a sacred number symbolising many things. The individual numbers 1, 0, and 8 represent one thing, nothing, and everything (infinity). 108 represents the ultimate reality of the universe as being simultaneously one, emptiness, and infinite.

Bring an instrument if you fancy and wear layered comfy clothing that you are able to move in as we may do some very gentle stretching before we sit for meditation.

This is a charity event so all proceeds will go to Level Water charity who provide free swimming lessons to disabled children.

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Valentine Partner Yoga
3:00 PM15:00

Valentine Partner Yoga

Instead of cliche valentines gifts or dinner out, why not do something extra special this year and learn some new ways to connect and have fun together??

Grab a partner (or a friend!) and join us for this experiential workshop using yoga, meditation and massage techniques to inspire connection, laughter and just a little bit more love :)

No experience necessary, just an open mind and a sense of adventure required!

Earlybird tickets £15 per person until 1st Feb 11:59pm BOOK NOW

£20 per person from 2nd Feb onward BOOK NOW

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Sun Salutations Master Class - Classical Surya Namaskar
9:00 AM09:00

Sun Salutations Master Class - Classical Surya Namaskar

If you have practiced Yoga before then you will have undoubtedly performed the sun salutation flow of poses. But do you know the real meaning and benefits behind them?

In this fun and energising master class we will be discussing, learning and practicing the Classical Surya Namasakar or Hatha Sun Salutations. Practicing this sequence on a regular basis can positively impact your health on all levels - physically, mentally, energetically and spiritually. When we practice with understanding and faith, we can draw motivation from our devotion to our wellbeing and the bringer of light that sprinkles into our lives.

This master class will give you the motivation, understanding and confidence to go ahead and start your own daily home practice of yoga. We will cover the following:

  • What are the sun salutations and why do we practice them?

  • Physical, mental and energetic benefits of regular practice.

  • The 12 poses, their alignment and how to modify

  • The surya namaskar mantra, or sun mantras to add to the poses

  • Basics of Ujjiya breath, how to link the breath with movement and bring a mental focus into the flow

  • Importance of savasana (relaxation)

All levels welcome - including total beginners.

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