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Breath work for Well-being Workshop

  • Lime House Studio Mount Hill Farm, Mount, Rose Cornwall UK (map)

Join Kali Green Yogini for a workshop to explore the theory, benefits and practical applications of three yogic breathing exercises to enhance well being.

As well as the many health benefits, the use of proper breathing can help you to connect more deeply with your state of being, thus enhancing your yoga or meditation practice. The workshop will cover techniques that you can use on a daily basis, or separately as needed, to bring about more peace and presence, release tension, transform negative energy and balance the mind.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • The physiology of breathing and how it effects the autonomic nervous system
  • Yogic philosophy on energy systems (prana/vital force, nadis/streams, bandhas/locks)
  • Understand how we can use breath work/pranayama as a tool to relax, uplift and balance
  • Theory, practice and benefits of Ujjiya / victorious breath applied to the full yogic breath
  • Theory, practice and benefits of uddiyana bandha kriya / energy sublimation
  • Theory, practice and benefits of Nadi Shodhana / alternate nostril breath
  • A short daily practice that you can implement right away with handouts for reference

*To practice uddiyana bandha you must have an empty stomach. A light lunch is recommended so you don’t feel uncomfortably full before class.

Cost: £30


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