Thai Yoga Massage

Photo by Chris Ensey


Thai yoga massage… or nuad boran

Thai yoga massage is a therapeutic healing modality for balancing the energetic and physical body by releasing stress, tension and blockages. It is not like traditional oil massage - for a TYM treatment the recipient will lay fully clothed on a massage mattress on the floor. The energetic sen lines, myofascial meridians and acupressure points will be manipulated, massaged and released during treatment and some assisted yoga stretches may be administered. The treatment itself is relaxing and calming for the nervous system.

As the treatment has a balancing effect on mind and body, receivers tend to notice a sense of increased energy, mobility and quality of wellbeing afterwards. As it has a detoxifying effect on the body, drinking lots of water after treatment is highly recommended.

History of Thai yoga massage

Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) was developed in Thailand many years ago and derives its own art of healing from the wisdom shared by travelling saints and sages from all over Asia. With roots in Buddhism, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are some similarities in philosophy of nadis and meridians, however TYM is its own healing art practice using sen lines and acupressure points. Many years ago, lay people could not afford medicine so this was a way of maintaining health of the mind and body in a form that was accessible to all. TYM treatments are based on metta practice (loving kindness) using mindful touch and healing intentions as the giver performs the treatment.

treatment prices

  • 60 minutes £45

  • 90 minutes £65

  • 120 minutes £80

  • Discounts available for multi-buys (book & pay for 3 or more in advance)