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Journey through the chakras
to Apr 26

Journey through the chakras

Over the course of 7 classes together we will explore the 7 main chakras (energy vortexes) in the ethereal body and learn about the energetic system that optimises our health and vitality of mind, body and soul. Using all aspects of hatha yoga including: asana, breath work, mudra, mantra, meditation and aroma, we will balance and realign our energies to bring about a higher sense of peace and ease with life.

Each chakra relates to different glands, organs and body parts as well as having their own characteristics and governing emotions. When we can understand what each means, we can start to recognise when a chakra is out of balance and learn some simple techniques to bring our energy back into harmony.

This is a 7 week course running from 8th March to 28th April missing out Good Friday (19th April)

Investment £49 for the course or £8 drop in


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Foundations in Yoga
to Feb 22

Foundations in Yoga

Whether you are a complete beginner or an established practitioner, this six week course will lay the underpinning foundations to cultivate intimacy and intuition with your yoga practice.

Yoga means ‘union’ which can be interpreted in many different ways. But on the mat I view it as creating connection between mind, body and breath. This means to let go of all external and internal distractions and centre the attention on our present experience to listen and respond accordingly to bodymind wisdom.

During our time together we will explore different ways in which to connect with these aspects through practice of the eight limbs of yoga with special attention on the subtle anatomy. Each week will build on the teachings from the week before, so it is highly recommended that you commit to the full course to get the best outcome.

Week One: Laying the foundations - meeting the earth with your body, basics of breath, mula bandha, how to practice yoga and importance of relaxation

Week two: Folding into internal space - exploring forward folds and how to modify with props, uddiyana bandha and basics of meditation

Week Three: Opening the heart to inner wisdom - back bending safely for your body, full yogic breath, jalandhara bandha, cultivating courage and compassion with mudra and meditation

Week Four: Unwinding the spine - twists and lateral extensions to create space and length in the spine, kapalabhati (skull cleansing breath), the concept of yoga as a tool for purification

Week Five: Delving into the hip girdle - psoas health, alignment and modifications for hip tension, nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) to balance mind and emotions

Week Six: Turning your world upside down - a light hearted exploration of inversions, the benefits, breaking down self imposed limitations and transmuting negative energy to lighten up your day

Investment £42 for the six weeks or £8 drop in.


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