Class Descriptions




Each session includes a themed talk and group discussion followed by a 30 minute guided practice. Meditating with a group helps to both strengthen and support a regular practice and is a lovely way to link up with like minded people. All welcome.


Yin yoga

A deliciously juicy yin yoga class interlaced with breath work (pranayama) and visualisation techniques to draw our attention within. Yin yoga encourages the energy and blood flow into and through the joints, both nourishing and improving mobility. Overall health is benefited as our meridians get flushed with fresh vitality. Surrender into the practice delivers an enriching meditation practice as we tune into mindful awareness and cultivate equanimity and non-attachment with our mind state. 


Hatha yoga

A combination of somatic movement, flowing and static yoga poses, breath work and mindful awareness of the subtle anatomy to cultivate strong foundations and stability in mind and body. When we tune into our experience rather than rushing from one pose to the next, we are able to listen to the needs of our bodies and identify where we can push past limiting beliefs, or soften with loving kindness where appropriate.

“Kali is genuinely warm and vibrant and she leads our meditation group with an open and honest passion. Her sense of humour with the teachings is refreshing and allows me to be completely myself without any fear of judgment when sharing. Kali prepares and delivers her guided meditations in such a focused way. Without fail, she leads me tenderly and sensitively into places during our meditation which enables me to experience insight into the truth of myself and the world. Her way is profoundly skillful
— Jo, St Stephens