Spring clean your life

Spring is just around the corner, although you wouldn't guess it with the snow that lay on the ground right now! But the days are definitely getting longer and I am enjoying the extra light in the mornings and evenings to enjoy time on my mat or outdoors in naure. With the extra light comes an extra boost of energy and something inside of us starts to wake up out of the winter cocoon signalling for us to stir into action...

Just as the crocuses and daffodils begin to sprout and blossom, so does our vital energy offering a wonderful opportunity to shed stagnant energy or anything that may be cluttering up our lives or holding us back from living from our true potential. This is the perfect time of year to reflect on what we are ready to let go of and how we can move forward out of the darkness, the heavy winter energy and hibernation. Taking action to have a cleanse of sorts will enable you to feel freer, more energised, focused and connected. 

Below are some great tips on how you can have a mini life spring clean. Feel free to focus on just one area or incorporate whatever resonates with you to bring more happiness:

  • Cleanse your house. Work your way through each room and clear out the cobwebs, sort through the 'everything' drawer, recycle unwanted items, vacuum under the furniture, clean down the windows and open them. Re-set the vibration by burning incense or aromatherapy oils, chime a bell or singing bowl or gorgeous music. Set an intention in each room to clear out stagnant energy and draw in high vibrations. Clear out all the clutter and you will instantly feel refreshed and lighter. If you are time limited, just do one room or cupboard at a time. 
  • Cleanse your body. You could do a juice or water fast for 1-3 days, or if you have a strong metabolism and can't hack the thought of going without food, then take a gentle cleanse by eliminating alcohol, caffeine, sugar, wheat, animal products and processed food for a week. You'll be shining by the end of it! Swap tea, coffee and sugary drinks with herbal tea. A lovely warming drink for the evening is 'golden milk' which helps to reduce inflammation and calm digestive issues. You can take a daily morning drink of warm water with lemon to cleanse the digestive tract. Treat yourself with massage, a spa day to flush out toxins with sauna and steam, take a yoga class or use a body brush and exfoliate your skin with Himalayan salt. 
  • Cleanse your mind. Make a commitment to meditate daily for a set amount of time for 21 days - as little as 5 minutes can make a difference and can definitely be integrated no matter how busy you are! Regular meditation will help you access the benefits and soon you will look forward to your time to sit. Insight timer is one of my favourite apps with lots of guided meditation and relaxation tracks, a timer and online meditation community. Mindful movement like Tai Chi or Yoga, or simple conscious breathing techniques can also help to clear the mind of clutter and bring about clarity. When you are not eating stimulating foods, or foods that make you sluggish, your mind will feel clearer and more positive.
  • Cleanse your connectivity. Have a digital detox - whether its for a few hours, a day or a weekend, just switching your phone off and letting go of your attachments to messages and the need to know whats going on in the world can provide the space to breathe and just be. Reducing your social media accounts and interaction, minimising email accounts and time spent on some kind of technology can improve your well being and your relationships. Set yourself some boundaries i.e. no technology from 8 pm - 8 am or whatever works for you. When you meet up with friends and family, leave your phone at home and be present for them, their time and attention is a gift not to be shunned. Take a walk out in nature and connect with the world through your senses. Smell the fragrances, feel the breeze, see Spring bursting forth in front of your eyes!
  • Cleanse your 'to do' list. Write down all the things you must do. Now look at all the things that you have been leaving until last - those things you procrastinate over and really don't want to do. Bring them to the top of the list and get them all done... TODAY! Now look at your list and weed out the low priority stuff. Look at all the stuff that's super important because it brings a positive influence into your life or someone else's, make a plan over the next few weeks to get one of these jobs done every day until they are done. 
  • Cleanse your thoughts/words/actions. Whatever we think, we speak. Whatever we speak, we do. Whatever we do, becomes our experience. Our thoughts literally become our reality so we must be super vigilant and careful what we think about. If you notice that there is a lot of assumption, judgement, looking for the negative or berating yourself then you have to start turning this around! Whenever we judge others, we are highlighting our own inadequacies and impressing the high standards we set ourselves onto others. When we gossip and bad mouth others, this is to boost up our own low self worth. When we assume the worst and look for the negative, we are effectively inviting and praying for the worst thing to happen. So STOP, Listen to what you are thinking and see if you can draw in a little kindness to your beautiful mind. Nurture it like a delicate flower and learn to soften the drama and create a peaceful sanctuary instead. A great way to boost positivity is to create a gratitude journal and write down five things a day that you are grateful for. When you go to bed, reflect on what went well that day, what you could improve on (none of us are perfect!) and what great things you experienced. 

Life is all about balance and often that gets tipped with circumstances out of our control , but offering ourselves the gift of pausing, reflecting and taking action to bring things back in check now and then will really benefit you and everyone around you. I hope that you can take something from these ideas to sprinkle into your life to lighten the load and let a little sparkle shine out from within.

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu - May all beings everywhere be happy and free :)

Namaste xx