Create Your Own Retreat

If you are planning on coming to Cornwall for your some time out and want to bring a holistic element to your break, then why not choose a bespoke retreat for you, your partner or friends? Together we can create the perfect package for you based on the outcomes you desire from your break. Perhaps you would like a holistic day retreat at your holiday home, maybe its a daily yoga class or some regular meditation or just a massage. Below are some ideas for you to ponder, but for more information on how I can make it special for you, do get in touch.

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private yoga tuition

Private yoga class for yourself or a small group in the privacy of your own holiday home or maybe a nearby beach; I can provide all equipment. Choose a single or series of classes with a theme in mind (relaxation, strength, flexibility etc) or to work on a specific outcome such as refining technique or pose progression.

  • 60 minutes £40 + £5 per extra person

  • 90 minutes £55 + £5 per extra person

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Wellness guidance

Learn some new tips and tools to take with your on well being journey. Inspire your soul to ignite change for personal growth and life balance. Choose from the following workshops:

  • Stress management tips and guided deep relaxation session

  • Mindful living tips for busy people including a guided meditation session

  • Life detox tips to nurture space into mind, body and spirit. Includes breathing techniques session.

  • Explore your souls calling. Connect with your inner wisdom, meditate and manifest your dream life.

    75 minutes £50 + £5 per extra person

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Thai massage

This healing bodywork treatment is very different from a usual oil massage. The treatment is carried out on a massage mattress on the floor with the recipient fully clothed. During the treatment, the energetic and myofascial lines as well as acupressure points are manipulated, massaged and released. There is also an element of assisted yoga stretching to further release energetic blocks and physical tension. Thai massage is a deeply healing, balancing and restoring treatment.

  • 60 minutes £40

  • 90 minutes £55

  • 120 minutes £65

For bookings, decide on the elements you would like, who will be receiving classes or treatments and the dates and location of your break, then drop me a line. If you need more information before booking, then please get in touch as I would be happy to offer some guidance.

*Distances farther than 15 miles from Newquay may incur an additional travel charge depending on the package.

**Thai massage treatments may be limited depending on numbers and other elements chosen.